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Zeitgeist: Moving Forward is the third installment of the Zeitgeist movie series, created by independent producer Peter Joseph.  In this installment, the concept of a transition from the flawed society we live in today to a more peaceful, less chaotic, and yes, radically different society is presented.  This new society is centered around a resource-based economy, a concept which is expanded and elaborated upon in the new documentary, and was originally introduced in Zeitgeist: Addendum.  The Zeitgeist movie series, as well as The Zeitgeist Movement, intends to examine the root causes of the wide-spread, social, economic, health, and governmental problems that we experience today; and with the knowledge that these examinations in place, they introduce new models for societies (new and existing) by which these problems can be solved.  

Zeitgeist: Moving forward will be released worldwide this saturday, January 15th in over 300 Theathers and gathering places in 60 countries worldwide in 30 languages.  To Find out if there is a screening in your area, follow this to a map.  

On Tuesday, January 25th, the movie will be released on-line for free to the world via the website.  

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